Works for one or more voices and piano

Evening Shadows

Published in New York in 1912. Words and music by Clara Ross Ricci. Set for three voices (two sopranos and an alto) and optional piano.

Four Songs
(published 1916):

It As a Lover and his Lass

New York, 1916. Words by William Shakespeare

Leaf by Leaf

May, June, July
  • May (words by Lucy Hayward)
  • June (words by Amos Phlox)
  • July (words by Lucy Hayward)

Three voices and piano. Copyrighted in the U.S. in 1901

An Old Sorrow
New York, 1901. Words by Dorothea Moore

Orpheus with his Lute
Part-song for women's voices (two sopranos and an alto), words by William Shakespeare.

A Summer Dream

Wheeling, West Virginia, 1906

Three Songs
1917 ("The Rainy Day" was first published in 1885).

Three Sacred Songs
Published 1897 in the United States.
  • Comfort the Soul of thy Servant (words taken from psalm 86 verses 4-7 and 12. Set for high voice and piano and dedicated to Mrs Theodore Vail.
  • Fret not Thyself (words taken from psalm 37. Set for alto or bass voice. Dedicated to Mr E. H. Dermitt)
  • God of our Life (words taken from the prayer O Salutaris Hostia; translated by 'RR' — probably Riccardo Ricci, Clara Ross' husband. Dedicated to 'Mercy'. Set for soprano voice and piano)

Thou'rt Like a Lovely Flower
Wheeling, West Virginia, 1906. Words by Heinrich Heine